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2015-16 Undergraduate Research Scholars Application

Applications to the Undergraduate Research Scholars program will be accepted from May through September 2015 (exact dates to be determined) for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Scholars applications can be made by individual students or by teams of students.  Applications will be reviewed as they are received. 

The Undergraduate Research Scholars program is a two-semester program over the fall/spring academic year. Students must have identified a faculty advisor for their research project. It is strongly suggested that the student have already started the research project, at least to the point of having done some background reading and learned some appropriate techniques. The Scholars Program
requires a public presentation of research results and culminates with an undergraduate thesis which is deposited in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Thesis collection in the the Texas A&M Open Access Digital Repository.

To apply for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, students must have completed at least 60 hours of undergraduate course work, including at least 24 credit hours at Texas A&M. Students must also have and maintain a cumulative Texas A&M GPR of 3.0 or higher, be currently involved in a suitable undergraduate research project with a faculty research advisor, and be expecting to graduate May, 2016 or later.  Exceptions to GPR requirements are only granted in response to a written request from a faculty research advisor with strong justification.

Enrollment in research credit hours is not required for participation in the Research Scholars program. However, Research Scholars are strongly encouraged to enroll in research credit classes (e.g., 485, 491, 497) in their faculty research advisor’s department to gain official transcript recognition for research activities.  If you need to know if you have been accepted into the Undergraduate Research Scholars program before you enroll for 491 research hours in the Fall semester, you must submit your Scholars application before August 15 to assure adequate time for approval prior to the end of Fall course enrollment (the 5th class day of the semester).

Scholars Teams: Writing a Common Thesis
Team participants must meet the same requirements as individual Scholars. Each team should be composed of 2-4 students working together on a single project, writing a common thesis, under a single faculty advisor. Each team member must submit a cover sheet, proposal, and time line.

Instructions for Applications for the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Scholars Program are forthcoming

Compliance Approvals
Approvals from campus compliance committees may be required for your project. Your approval must be in place before you begin your research project:

For more information about compliance approval see our FAQs and the Research Compliance & Biosafety web site.

Applications will be evaluated as they are submitted and students will be notified within 2-3 weeks by email.


Questions? Please see our FAQs or contact Ms. Tammis Sherman at ugr@tamu.edu.